LEGO Robotics - Coder

LEGO Engineering … be a trailblazer!  

This Lego Robotics 'workshop' camp allows your child to build, customise, code and test their very own robot (one per child). The Lego classes start with learning about the different sensors, actuators and then how to code their robot using data gathered from sensors. Throughout the week using Lego Mindstorms software your child will learn to code their bots to perform variety of fun and challenging tasks. At the end of the week, your child will compete in the ‘Grand Finale’ - testing the speed, strength and intelligence of their robot. An amazing spectacle not to be missed! 

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What your child will learn

  • LEGO Mindstorms
  • LEGO Robot Construction and Customisation
  • Visual Programming (Procedural Design, Algorithms, Sequence/Parallel, Node-based)
  • Fundamental Programming Concepts (Branching/Conditions, Looping/Iteration, Variables)
  • Robotics (Solve Problems, Perform Tasks, Automate)
  • Sensors (Touch, Sound, Light, Ultrasound, Rotation)
  • Test and Troubleshoot Programs

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Tech camp in action

About this camp

This Lego robotics summer camp combines LEGO, robots, coding, programming and fun challenges. Your child will learn about actuators (motors) and a variety of sensors such as sound, ultrasonic, touch and so on. Then using LEGO’s Mindstorms visual scripting environment and the data collected from the sensors your child will learn how to code their robots.

Now let the serious fun begin! 

Starting by building and customising their robots, your child will then learn to code increasingly complex tasks such as Zero Collision, Patrol Bot, Bomb Disposal and many, many more. All tasks will require your child to balance a combination of speed, agility and intelligence.

For the Grand Finale - your child will prepare, code and fine tune their bots ready for the three different events that will test speed, intelligence and stamina… Friday 4pm, family and friends welcome. Don’t miss it!

We have various locations for Lego camps in London, plus some other UK towns. If you’ve been searching for “Lego classes near me”, please click the book button to see where the camp workshops and classes are taking place this summer.

We believe we offer the best Lego camps for kids in the UK, so if you are looking for a fun activity for them over the summer that will challenge and entertain them, this is the perfect choice.


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