Java Coder

Java – learn, talk, think code. 

Coding is the essential literacy of the digital age. This fast-paced Java summer school camp will teach your child to code, edit and problem-solve in a structured and methodical manner from the ground up. Once you child has mastered the core coding constructs, we present them with oodles of fun practical exercises and projects for variety of different scenarios. The secret to becoming a good coder is not merely in knowing coding constructs, it is more about how and where you use them in delivering elegant solutions to problems. 

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About this camp

Mastering code at a young age enables your child to innovate with the technology that surrounds them – a definite advantage for their future careers.

Our summer Java classes for kids begin with a theoretical examination of coding logic using flowcharts and pseudocode your child will learn the best practice of being a good coder – understand the problem, create a solution then write programming code. This is followed by an orientation to Eclipse (a Java Independent Development Environment).

In this summer Java code camp, your child will learn the syntax of the core coding constructs such as conditional statements and loops plus how these are used to achieve techniques like sequencing, selection, branching and iteration.

Next, they look at how to make their code more efficient, firstly, by minimising the number of lines of code and then using functions – an independent segmentation of code that, once written, can be used as many times as needed.

Finally, your child will implement their new skills by creating interesting game-based projects to take home.

Java, commercially used and consistently in the top three of the world-wide rankings for programming language usage (IDE used: Eclipse).

FREE TO DOWNLOAD so your child can progress at home after the Java summer camp.

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Tech camp in action

What your child will learn

  • Data-Types (Integers, Doubles, Characters, Strings, Booleans) 
  • Data-Structures (Variables, 1D Arrays) 
  • Selection Techniques (If-statements, Else-statements, If-else-statements, Switch-statements) 
  • Iterative Techniques (For-loops, While-loops) 
  • Random Number Generation 
  • Sub-programs (Static functions)

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Virtual course

Virtual courses have minimum tech spec requirements, details can be found on the description page.

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