Hackathon - Cyber Security

Learn to hack responsibly. Stay secure by learning about cyber security weaknesses. 

Data security has been a seriously hot topic lately. With so much of the world operating digitally, sensitive information must be protected from hackers. The best way to stop a hacker… is to think like a hacker! In this camp, your child will learn different techniques that hackers use to gain access to data and how this can be prevented. 

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What your child will learn

  • Linux Operating System (File Management, Accessibility, Command Line)
  • Issuing Commands
  • Difference between Admin and User Accounts
  • Networking Concepts (IP/mac Addresses, Ports)
  • Networking Services (ssh, nfs, smb, ftp, http/https)
  • Passwords and Cryptography
  • Hashing vs. Encrypting
  • Exploiting Machines

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Tech camp in action

About this camp

Our ethical hacking classes begin with a look at the Linux operating system. Using Linux, the students will learn how to manage files, change accessibility settings, and issue commands with various results.

Then, the concepts are taken up a notch as they learn about networking! Hands-on learning about IP addresses, mac addresses, ports, and various services will prove crucial for their next goal: exploiting machines and gaining access through methods that the average user wouldn’t consider.

Add to this a healthy dose of password cracking and cryptography, and you’ve got a recipe for a challenging, exciting and hugely skill boosting week! Your child will learn problem-solving skills and computer concepts that they’ll be able to carry forward to limitless possibilities.


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